Worship Arts

Our Worship Arts Ministry is a place where people bring their music, drama, and all forms of art to God and the community of faith. As God gives talents, we seek to use them for praise and adoration to Christ our Lord!
It all begins on Sunday. In 60 minutes we have the opportunity to give others an extraordinary gift. The gift of experiencing God's presence and power. His Spirit helps draw people closer to their Heavenly Father.
Sunday morning is a time of celebration, a time of transformation, a time of slowing down, and a time of awe and wonder.
We are called to bring people to God through our talents and gifts that were given to us by Him. It's a big job, but when we give Him our very best and the Holy Spirit touches lives, it is truly awesome!
The New Joy Worship Team desires to use all areas of the arts, including music, drama, video and dance to present special experiences on a regular basis.