Child Dedication

Why should I dedicate my child?

  • It is appropriate and good for parents to dedicate their young child (or children) to the Lord.  Hannah dedicated her son to the Lord even before his birth (I Samuel 1:11) and then when Samuel came to the proper age, she confirmed this dedication in the tabernacle, and God blessed the occasion (I Samuel 1:24-28).  Jesus was  presented to the Lord in the temple by Mary and Joseph (Luke 2:22-28).  Parents brought their children to Jesus and he took them in his arms and blessed them (Mark 10:13-14).

Is child dedication the same as infant baptism?

  • The dedication of children is not meant to provide their salvation and in no way deprives the child or his or her free will of choice.  Dedication is simply one factor contributing toward Christian influence in the life of the child; so that, at the right and proper time, the child may be ready to make a commitment to Christ.

What does dedication of my child involve?

  • In a very real sense, the dedication of children is also a dedication of parents, emphasizing the important and sacred responsibility that parents have toward their children (Ephesians 6:4).  It is also a celebration in the life of the New Joy congregation in affirming the family and offering support in the task of raising and nurturing children in the love of Jesus.

The date for the next Child Dedication Service will be announced. If you are interested in participating, please click here.